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What Is An LMS System?

It is true! And that place is a website called the LMS. Never heard of it? So come find out what this ead platform can do for your content!If you are just starting to offer online content, you must still be a little lost about the decisions you need to make to make an online course work.

In fact, if your intention is just to provide informative videos or more in-depth content, without the need to do complete monitoring or control of student participation, Youtube is a video platform that can even serve you well.However, if your goal is to reach and be more effective, you will need an ead platform to provide access to your content. A management system with a complete structure to develop the entire online course, from content production to certificate issuance.

 LMS Platform

Acronym used to abbreviate Learning Management System, in good Portuguese, Learning Management System, the LMS is an online management system, in which it is possible to monitor and control student learning.

Learning: You use the LMS to create and deliver your online training and courses, as well as materials to your students or staff.

Management:In this system you can organize and manage the entire distance learning process, from the creation of courses, student participation, their results and the quality of the content.

System: The ead platform

With automated services, the system also facilitates student enrollment, payment management, and issuance of studies progress reports and certificates.It is also from this system that students will have access to courses, whether paid or free, depending on what is made available by the institution.

LMS is also known as VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and more popularly as distance learning platform or EAD platform. And, if you want to succeed and achieve your goals with training or online courses, you should start worrying about using an LMS!